The Lord Of The Rings: Arwen And Frodo On Asfaloth

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Hobbit Frodo Baggins had been stabbed by a Morgul blade, and even now its shard worked its way ever closer to his heart. On foot they had no chance, but holding Frodo to her, Arwen spurred her valiant mount Asfaloth into the sprint of his life. With the Nine Nazgûl at their heels, Arwen and Frodo rode alone for the Ford of Bruinen, where she hoped the enchanted waters of her father’s home might protect them from their pursuers.


Unveiled for the first time at San Diego Comic-Con in 2018, Weta Workshop presents Arwen and Frodo on Asfaloth: our dynamic polystone that perfectly captures this dangerous and daring rescue.

In an unforgettable showdown, Arwen sets her will and turns to face her shadowy pursuers.  Though outnumbered and in deadly peril, Arwen fearlessly stands her ground before the Nine terrifying Ringwraiths.

Sculpted by hand, this collectible defies expectation for what can be captured in polystone. The robes of our heroine billow out as she wields Hadhafang, etched with Elven runes, against the Nine. The first time Weta Workshop has crafted water in such a way: near clear, water-effect resin appears to splash up from the River Bruinen itself.

Sculpted by the masterful Jane Wenley, Arwen and Frodo on Asfaloth joins Weta Workshop’s high-quality 1:6 scale Middle-earth line; a line that is designed by the very same artists and technicians who work on our movies.


1:6 scale statue - Limited Edition of 750


Dimensions:13.58" x 18.89" x 9.25" (W x H x D) 34.5 cm x 48 cm x 23.5 cm

Weight:16.53 lbs (7.5 kg)



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