The Lord Of The Rings: Eomer On Firefoot

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In truth the fallen Wizard Saruman had gained influence over Rohan’s king by sorcery. Upon the return of Gandalf Théoden was freed of Saruman’s grip, but not before much of his country had been usurped or put to flame. As Saruman’s legions marched upon them, the Rohirrim fled to the fortress of Helm’s Deep to mount a last stand against the Wizard’s hordes. Outnumbered and outmatched, the few defenders held as long as they could, but defeat loomed.

Then suddenly, as the first rays of sunlight crested the rise to the east, a great host of riders appeared, their spears gleaming in the radiance of the dawn. Led by Eomer upon his brave horse Firefoot, the Riders of Rohan streamed headlong down the scree slope, voices united in a mighty yell and swords held aloft. Like the coming of the tide they swept over the army of Isengard, saving their king, his people, and their realm.


Adding to its high-end The Lord of the Rings line, Weta Workshop is proud to present Eomer on Firefoot. Features include:

Crafted from high-quality polystone;

1:6 scale;

Limited Edition of 750;

Sculpted by Weta Workshop sculptors Jane Wenley, Brigitte Wuest and Paul van Ommen.


Dimensions:15.74" x 20.86" x 8.66" (W x H x D) 40 cm x 53 cm x 22 cm

Weight:19.29 lbs (8.75 kg)



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